Landscape of Life

As a civilization faced with widespread economic collapse, weapons of unprecedented destructive capability and inevitable environmental catastrophe, the fear of death pertains as much to the whole of humanity as it does to the individual.  This mural conveys this very literally, depicting the reemergence of nature out from man-made disaster.  It seems grim to romanticize the downfall of mankind in this way, given one important remainder from the equation.  Human suffering is the inevitable outcome of death, be it in the fleeting moment for the one dying, or the prolonged sorrow of those who survive them.  The large green figure which spans nearly the entire wall portrays a testament to the spirit of life.  The lion and the boy with the dead bird are meant to echo the sense of life's intensity, especially when juxtaposed with death.  The clouds that hover across the mural unify the experience, as it is not a linear one, nor can its components be separated.  This is the landscape of life as I see it.  I have walked through that doorway in the wall many times, each time more prepared for the coffin than before.